Most Common RV Problems

Open Road up to McNeil Canyon, Chelan WA

Open road up to McNeil Canyon in Chelan, WA. 3000+ feet elevation at the summit.

There’s nothing quite like getting up early one morning and getting into your RV that you packed up the night before and hitting the open road for vacation. Let’s face it though, if everything was that easy, there would be a lot more RV’s out on the road. There is much joy to be had by owning an RV, but there is also a lot of extra hassles. Here are some of the more common problems you might see with your RV.

  • Suspension Bounce – if you notice extra bouncing than normal, it could be shock absorbers that are worn.
  • Wondering – if the steering of the RV seems to be slow in responding to your adjustments or does not hold a straight line, there could be problems with the steering components.
  • Listing to side – You may notice that your RV looks like it’s leaning to one side or the other.  Hopefully it’s not too noticeable, but in either case, this could be a sign of worn and/or weak springs or other suspension problem.
  • Excessive Rolling – This is sometimes called “Porpoising.”  This can occur when the RV hits a bump or uneven pavement that will cause the RV to kind of buck from front to back.  This is also caused by suspension problems.
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